Our Property Management Division has developed pro active and systemised policies and procedures with one aim in mind - to ensure that you, the landlord, achieve the best possible return from your investment and are provided with a professional, informative and transparent service.

We Tailor Our Services to the Individual Needs of Our Landlords

At Cale Property Agents we recognise that each of our landlords have unique requirements, ambitions and objectives in regards to their valued investments. Our unique structure allows us to tailor our service to the individual rather than the common needs of many.

Longevity of Staff

With one of the Company Directors working within the Property Management Division there is always a familiar person available to speak to should the need arise.

We believe our Property Management Team members to be amongst the most experienced, knowledgeable and service driven professionals working within the Sydney Region.

Continual Improvements

Cale Property Agents regularly surveys our landlords in an attempt to best understand what we are doing right and where we can improve. We are passionate about providing clear and open lines of communication and are proud of the fact that our landlords are extremely complimentary about our knowledge, expertise and the service we provide.

Property Inspections

Cale Property Agents works to a comprehensive schedule in relation to inspections that includes initial ingoing, periodic and outgoing inspections. Unlike many real estate agents, we inspect EVERY property under management one month after a new tenant takes possession of the property; the purpose of this early inspection is to determine the individual schedule a tenant will be placed on in regards to ongoing periodic inspections.

Tenant Selection

Arguably one of the most important reasons you, as the landlord, employ the services of a Property Manager is to secure a quality tenant. All available checks and references are taken and scrutinised, Cale Property Agents will take the initiative to recommend a tenancy does not proceed should we believe that to do so would put your valued asset and financial security at risk.


Cale Property Agents will collate and prepare all marketing material on your behalf for a one off minimal fee that is charged whenever a new tenant is secured. Our extensive database and media/internet exposure allow us to provide maximum exposure to the widest number of prospective tenants available.

Rent Collection

Cale Property Agents provides easy and convenient options by which our tenants pay rent. The rental payment process is outlined in detail to all tenants at the time the Residential Tenancy Agreement is signed and additional support and clarification is provided to tenants as required.

Rental Arrears

A no tolerance Policy is practiced at Cale Property Agents in relation to rent arrears. Tenants are contacted and legal procedures are commenced immediately should rental payments fall 14 days in arrears. Whilst tenants are treated with respect at all times, our focus in regards to the collection of rent is to ensure that you receive what you are entitled to on time and in full.

Annual Rental Reviews

At Cale Property Agents we work along side you to ensure that your investment is returning the highest possible yield. Ongoing and regular rental reviews and evaluations are carried out on all proeprties held under management.

Accounting Functions

Cale Property Agents disburse all funds held in trust for properties under management at the end of each month. Funds are electronically deposited into your nominated bank account and a detailed income and expenditure statement is either posted or emailed to you for your records. In addition, a comprehehsive end of financial year statement will be provided on an annual basis free of charge.

Landlord Insurance

Cale Property Agents recommends that lnadlords take out Landlord Insurance to protect their valued asset.


Cale Property Agents recommend that all landlords consult with a depreciation specialist to ensure they are receiving the best possible return on their investment.

Tenant Management

Cale Property Agents provide a flexible, informative and professional service; tenants understand our expectations in relation to the Residential Tenancy Agreement they sign and are treated with respect at all times. Disputes between landlords and tenants are not uncommon and can become inflamed if they are not addressed in a professional and efficient manner. All of our property management professionals have been trained in the process of conflict resolution and in most instances, are able to negotiate on your behalf an acceptable outcome to both parties. Should both parties fail to come to an agreement, Cale Property Agents may recommend that the matter proceed to a hearing with The Consumer Trader Tenancy Tribunal. The Tribunal is an independent body that has been set up to make rulings in accordance with the NSW Tenancy Act and their decisions are both binding and final. Bruce Lyon Real Estate is very experienced in regards to representation at Tribunal hearings, we would strongly recommend that our services are used in this scenario to prepare the case and attend the hearing on your behalf.

NSW Tenancy Act 2010

The NSW Tenancy Act 2010 is scheduled to become law in early 2011. The property management staff of Cale Property Agents have all received comprehensive training in regards to the changes within the new Act and have adapted our policies and procedures accordingly. It should be noted that the changes to the NSW Tenancy Act 2010 are significant in part and will change the way in which your investment will be managed.


Cale Property Agents understand that your decision to purchase an investment property was not entered into lightly and as such, we strive to provide effective, clear and responsive communication and believe this to be an integral part of our professional relationship. Our Property Management Division is not structured on a portfolio basis and as such, our staff members are available to discuss any issue that may arise.

Transferring from Another Agent

Changing Managing Agents does not effect your current tenancy and is as simple as signing a form. Cale Property Agents will handle all of the necessary paperwork, bond transfer, key collection and tenant notifications. Why not experience the Cale Property Agents' difference today?


Cale Property Agents offers a well regarded and successful sales service. Discounted rates are available to our landlords and a free market appraisal is available for any property held under management as required.